Whole house Audio Music through out the home. Take the output from an audio source and distribute it to several rooms in the home or the entire home. With individual volume controls in those rooms to adjust the volume. You can also use a remote in those rooms to also change a source (CD player, Ipod, or tuner) by having infrared remote signals carried on cable back to the audio source all incorporated into a face plate included in the wall mounted volume control. Volume controls can be analog for line level sound output or digital for use with amplified volume controls. (ABus system). Put speakers out on the deck, garage, living room, kitchen, master bedroom, etc. The choice in speakers is endless from speakers that are literally “invisible” (part of the drywall) to speakers that double as a planter in your garden. You get the idea. Working within your budget we will work together to design a system that you will enjoy for years.

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